€ 10,50

Baked Shrimps

Baked with red onion, red bell pepper and garlic served with a cocktail sauce.

€ 11,50

Marinated Tuna

Raw, marinated tuna with noodles, soybeans, a wasabi cream and wakamé.

€ 8,00


A creamy soup with a tomato ricotta cream and pecorino.

Profitez de votre repas a BastiJan, bon appetit!

€ 9,75

Prosciutto salad

With green asparagus, pistachio nuts, Parmezan cheese and pesto.

€ 9,75


Creamy Italian mozzarella with grilled melon, pecorino and a roasted tomato and fennel dressing.

€ 9,50

Season Salad

A salad with beets, pumpkin, green asparagus, radicchio, cheese croutons and a herb dressing.

€ 10,25

Duck Rillette

Duck, slowely cooked in goosefat with a red onion chutney, gherkins and toast.

Main Courses Meat

€ 19,50

American Steak

With roseval potatoes and a smoked garlic gravy.

€ 49,50


Chateaubriand, a dish for 2 people, with ovenroasted potatoes a truffle sauce and baked duckliver.
€ 18,00

Beef Stew

A beef stew with different kinds of vegetables, chorizo and a purée of potatoes and celeriac.
€ 19,50

Braised neck of lamb

With green vegetables, potatoes and a tomato and sage sauce.

€ 18,50

Guinea fowl

With sweet potato, vegetables and a chorizo and mushroom sauce.

Main Courses Fish

€ 21,50

Mediterranean Fishsoup

A rich soup with prawns and different kinds of fish, topped with rouille.

€ 19,50

Spicy Prawns

With garlic, chili and pasta.

€ 23,50

Grilled tuna steak

Served with roseval potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a Thai coconut and ginger sauce.

Main Courses Vegetarian

€ 16,00

Dinner salad

Mixed leafs, lentils, roasted bell pepper, soybeans, harissa and pecannuts.

€ 17,50

Vegetable stew

A rich stew with different kinds of vegetables, served with chickpeas and lentils.


€ 37,50

Surprise four course menu.


€ 6,50

Homemade Panna Cotta

Homemade mandarin panna cotta with a raspberry sauce.

€ 6,50


An ice cold mixture of lime ice cream, prosecco and a little hint of vodka.

€ 12,50

Cheese Platter

4 different kinds of cheese with a dark bread filled with fruit and nuts and compote.

€ 7,50

Homemade ‘boterkoek’ 

Homemade ‘boterkoek’ with almondpaste filling and a rhubarbcoulis.

€ 7,50

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake with a hazelnut-macaroons cream and chocolate ice cream.

€ 6,50

Cinnamon Ice Cream

Cinnamon ice cream with ‘kletskoppen’ and Frangelico liquer.

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